Peter Beckett of Player

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"Swiffer Mop and Swiffer Sweeper Vac do it all..." including bringing back the 1970s hit ‚"Baby Come Back.‚"

Who knew that a commercial about a mop could be so entertaining? With over eight different commercials for the Sweeper Vac, Swiffer is able to captivate audiences each time with silly antics and a catchy song. And the voices behind the tune?

In 1978, Player released its self-titled first album which included ‚"Baby Come Back.‚" The song quickly rose to number one on the pop singles charts, and the record went gold.

When singer Peter Beckett first formed Player, he probably had no idea that years after the band's last concert tours this song would make such a great comeback. Swiffer has taken the song and revamped it to be sung by mariachi player mops and brooms in order to sell their product in a creatively fun way.

"Baby Come Back" has also been used in major commercials for SBC, Toyota, Sprint, as well as, over 30 movies.


Born in the Aigburth section of Liverpool England on August 10th, Peter was greatly influenced by going to see the Beatles perform at the famous Cavern Club. His first band at 16 was The Thoughts. From there he played in an English Beat band called Winston G. He then joined a progressive rock band called Paladin. He later moved to Los Angeles, California where he formed a band called Skyband. With little success, he then joined up with JC Crowley, Ronn Moss, and John Friesen to become PLAYER. Player had a #1 hit with "Baby Come Back", which is still one of the greatest classics today from the 70's.

After four successful albums, the band then split up and Peter began writing songs for other recording artists such as Olivia Newton-John, The Temptations, Kenny Rodgers, to name a few. He also began writing songs for movies and television through the 80's. In 1991, Peter released his first solo cd called BECKETT, a combination of rock, pop, AOR tunes. He then joined up with Little River Band and toured with them for eight years. Getting back together with Ronn Moss in 1996, they recorded Player's 5th Album, and toured the US.

Since then, Peter has produced, wrote and played on two solo cds for Ronn Moss from Player and soap TV show The Bold And The Beautiful. Peter and Ronn will be touring the US this year as Player. Peter is also working on his second solo cd and still continues to write for movies, television, and other recording artists.